Saudi Air Navigation Services (SANS) named official Air Traffic Control Sponsor for the Saudi International Airshow

  • More than 100 aircraft are expectedat Thumamah Airport, Riyadh, forthe inaugural Saudi International Airshow, making air traffic control critically important. The event, a first of its kind for Saudi Arabia, aims to further connect the aviation and aerospace industries to Saudi Arabia.

Aéro-News ( Saudi Air Navigation Services ) – SANS, which began operation in July 2016, is responsible for monitoring Saudi Arabia’s airspace and for ensuring its safety and security at all times. SANS is responsible for managing aircraft movements that utilize the Kingdom’s airspace and/or its airports, employing cutting-edge navigation systems and equipment operated by highly qualified personnel on a 24/7 basis. With the large number of private, business and commercial aircraft expected for the Saudi Airshow, SANS will play an important role in managing arrivals, departures and aircraft movements during the event.

SANS’s mission is to create a world-class aviation industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which supports the mission of the Saudi Airshow. Participation in the Saudi Airshow allows SANS to showcase how it works to help aviation in Saudi Arabia conform to international standards of air navigation, implement new and proactive methodologies in the field of safety, provide services to its clients of the highest standards, achieve financial and administrative independence, and invest in local talent to not only bolster capabilities but also support the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.​

About Saudi International Airshow

Saudi International Airshow, which will debut from the 12th to the 14th of March 2019 at Thumamah Airport, Riyadh, will be the first aviation & aerospace exhibition of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Exhibitors and delegates from across the world will be welcomed to Thumamah Airport which will be dedicated solely to the exhibition.

Saudi Airshow will host a mix of business, general, commercial aviation and aerospace exhibitors on a 100,000 sqm static area which will accommodate more than 100 aircraft ranging in size from single-engine and executive jets to commercial widebody aircraft. The show will offer chalets located next to the runway to enable manufacturers to present their entire range of aircraft and to facilitate demonstration flights. In addition, three exhibition halls will host more than 200 booths,national and international pavilions where exhibitors will showcase a full range of aviation and aerospace services and products.

About SANS

Saudi Air Navigation Services (SANS) is responsible for providing air navigation services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the company plays an important and vital role in the security and safety of airspace and aircraft movement within Saudi airspace.

SANS was established due to the growing need for promotion of the Saudi air transport industry. The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) transformed all investment sectors of the aviation industry into independent companies operating under commercial principles. A number of international consultants were called on to offer their expertise as to how best to achieve success in transforming the air navigation sector into a limited liability governmental company under the name of Saudi Air Navigation Services Ltd. or SANS.The transformation into a commercial company occurred on 1 July 2016 as the result of a decision by the Board of Directors of Civil Aviation.


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